Friday, November 16, 2007

Problems with Law of the Sea Treaty Reaffirmed in WorldNetDaily Piece; Bush Administration Can't Answer Critics

Advocates for the Law of the Sea Treaty find themselves in an unenviable position - they're unable to answer the questions and concerns of treaty critics. This point was underscored yet again in a piece in today's World Net Daily.

When confronted by a WND reporter about LOST's numerous persisting problems, the best that White House spokesman Dana Perino could muster was a "I understand that there are concerns, but we believe that those have been addressed."

Really? It is curious that if - as the White House claims - all concerns with the Law of the Sea Treaty have been addressed, the entirety of the Senate Republican leadership and every Republican presidential candidate have come out agaisnt it.

Just as worrisome, when asked about whether LOST would hamstring U.S. military operations similar to President Kennedy's blockade of Cuba or President Reagan's invasion of Grenada, Perino could only state that she doesn't comment on hypotheticals. That's a safe move for any administration, but in this case her answer squares perfectly with the actions of other Law of the Sea advocates - avoiding public debate if at all possible and ramming the treaty through the Senate before the country is any the wiser.

The Coalition to Preserve American sovereignty feels that that it is incumbent upon the Adminstration to openly present its case to the country so that the American people can be given a front-row seat to the tragedy that is the Law of the Sea Treaty.


PaleoCon said...

I first heard of LOST from Rep Ron Paul several years ago. He adamantly opposes it. Hope it comes up in next GOP debate. I agree any in congress that support LOST do not belong in Washington..

fireboy said...

LOST is a blatant submission to the globalist agenda. Any politician who supports this treaty is violating his oath of office and betraying his country.
America is a magnificent example of human acheivement and the power of dedication to a better life. The UN is an utter failure in every effort it undertakes and one should not dare to think that this instance will result differently. Granting governance, in any degree, over the sovereignty of America and it's possessions or powers cannot be tolerated!